The Match Foundation

“Bring community together to help those in need”

The Match Foundation is a program that was created to get the community involved in supporting the local food shelves, and local growers and suppliers. During the summer months, local farms have an ample supply of fresh and quality produce. It is from these local suppliers that the match program is able to help stock the food shelves with the fresh produce they are in need of. 

Tradition’s Involvement

          How does it work?

On July 27th, Tradition partnered with Svihel Farm and Cha Veggies to match all of the produce sold. The products matched were sent to the PROP Food Shelf and VEAP Food Shelf. Tradition is honored to be a part of such an amazing initiative!

During a match program, each purchase made of a specific product will allow the food shelf to also receive the product. For example, Tradition is a sponsor and has a match at the farmer’s market for strawberries. For each package of strawberries purchased that day, one was purchased by Tradition for the food shelf.

Check out the upcoming match days and buy your local produce products at the Match Foundation’s locations! For more information, visit their website.

*The Match Foundation is part of Tradition Pass It On's Spotlight Series.