The Sheridan Story

The Sheridan Story is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2010 by Sheridan Elementary School in Minneapolis, MN. After recognizing that students would hoard the cafeteria food to bring home on the weekends due to lack of food, Sheridan Elementary decided that there needed to be a change.

The organization started small by providing 27 kindergartners at Sheridan Elementary with one bag of non-perishable items for the weekend. They have grown immensely and are currently serving over 5,000 students in 144 schools. However, the problem still very much exists and The Sheridan Story will continue to fight the battle of child hunger.

"It takes a whole community to address a problem as significant as child hunger."


September 14th, 2017 Tradition Companies joined The Sheridan Story and packed meals for students to take home every weekend of the school year. Although we were a small group, we made a tremendous difference in the community by packing 672 meals!


*The Sheridan Story is part of Tradition Pass It On's Spotlight Series.