Edina Community Foundation

Building Connections. Creating Community

The Edina Community Foundation was incorporated in 1977 and has been creating programs to serve, strengthen, and celebrate the Edina community ever since. ECF remains one of the most unique community foundations in the state of Minnesota. The impact of the foundation can be found in many places around the city but specifically in the places in which the Edina residents gather together.


Edina Community Foundation Programs:

  • Community Impact Program
  • 4th of July Parade and Fireworks
  • Youth Scholarships
  • Edina Dialogue
  • Connecting with Kids
  • Edina Challenge
  • The Connect Card

The programs listed are making significant differences within Edina. Children and families are being supported financially and emotionally, and through the programs they are able to participate in sports associations or other activities that they may not have had the capacity to do so without ECF. 

As of 04/2018, The Community Impact Partners consists of 67 different partners. Some of these partners include the Edina Senior Center, Cool Planet, Edina Poetry Club, Country Club Neighborhood Association, Edina Fire Department, Ikola Cup, EHS Tennis Boosters, and many more. 

The Connect Card is a huge difference maker in the community, giving under-resourced families access to a variety of community programs and scholarships through a one-stop qualification process. Over 150 children have enrolled with the Connect Card and there is expectations and hope that it will continue to grow. "The Connect Card program helps encourage active participation in community programs by children in need."

Continnum by Marcia McCeachon

Continnum by Marcia McCeachon

Public Art

The foundation has collaborated with donors to raise over $400,000 worth of public art within Edina. These beautiful pieces of art, including the Continnum by Marcia McCeachon located in Centennial Lakes, can be found in parks or other various landmarks. 

Other scultures include "Reflecing on Friendsip" and "Glamorous Days of Flight" by Neck Legeros located in Centennial Lakes and "Spaulding" by Heidi Hoy located at 50th and France. 

"ECF's role in acquiring public art highlights the commitment of our Board of Directors and staff to servce, strengthen, and celebrate the Edina Community" 




2018 GOALS:

  • Grow Connect Card
  • Expand number of Children & Families being supported
  • Continue expanding Community Impact Program
Tradition Pass It On Involvement

Tradition Pass It On Involvement

Community Support Partner Information

Hometown Hero: $5,000                  Hometown Champion: $2,500

ECF is beyond thankful for their donors and depends on donors for a majority of funding. "We want you to be a part of our positive impact on the community. In return, we want to recognize and celebrate your commitment to Edina." ECF recognizes their donors tenfold, including recognition at the Connecting with Kids Leadership Breakfast, recognition at the Edina CEO Roundtable, and recognition at multiple other ECF events. For more information on how YOU can donate, visit https://www.edinacommunityfoundation.org/donate-to-ecf/.


This Spotlight is just touching the surface of the incredible things that Edina Community Foundation does to make a difference in the community. To learn more, visit https://www.edinacommunityfoundation.org/