Quinn's Cup

For the Love of the Game

January 6th, 2013 was an ordinary day for Quinn Kirsch. He went to hockey practice, ran errands with his dad, played with his new puppy. That night, Quinn collapsed onto the kitchen floor and was rushed immediately to the hospital. Quinn did not survive through the night. Quinn's parents later found out that Myocarditis was the cause of why he was taken so suddenly. 

Myocarditis is a disease marked by inflammation of the heart muscle. It usually attacks otherwise healthy people and is believed that 5-20% of all cases of sudden death in young adults are due to Myocarditis. 


Quinn's Cup is an annual pond hockey tournament in Edina, MN that started in 2013. The tournament is not only a way for the Kirsch family to raise money and awareness for Myocarditis and the Myocarditis Foundation, but also to provide an event to bring together friends and family to celebrate Quinn's life. Hockey was what Quinn loved to do, so what better way to celebrate him than an outdoor hockey tournament. 

Quinn's Cup is holding its 5th annual tournament JANUARY 27th, 2018.


Quinn's parents, Kelly and Kyle Kirsch, have become extremely involved in the Myocarditis Foundation. In 2015 they attended the annual Researcher and Patient family support meeting in Maryland. At the support meeting, they met the founder of the Foundation, other families who have lost children to the disease, and doctors who are conducting research on Myocarditis. 

For more information or how to donate, visit http://www.quinnscup.org/index.html

Quinn's Cup has raised over $95,000 for The Myocarditis Foundation!!

*Quinn's Cup is part of Tradition Pass It On Spotlight Series.