Ellie's Light

“For nine months she charmed us with her sweet smiles and pretend shyness. She made us laugh daily. For nine months, Ellie was our bright light.”

At only nine months, Ellie tragically passed away. It was on October 24th, 2010 that she had become suddenly ill. What was thought to a low grade fever quickly progressed into much more. Ellie was rushed to the hospital and within hours was breathing through a tube, fighting for her life. She was then transferred to another hospital where she was put on a heart-lung bypass machine. Ellie’s illness was very severe and progressed rapidly, which made it difficult for the doctors to get ahead of it. One day later, on October 25th, 2010, Ellie passed away.

The mission of the foundation is “To keep Ellie’s Light shining by supporting families with children experiencing severe chronic, terminal or critical illnesses, and those who have recently experienced the sudden loss of a child. We will do this by providing simple comforts to those in the hospital and by honoring the lives of their lost children. We will spread Ellie’s Light by contributing to multiple organizations that encompass the enrichment of the lives of children and their families in Minnesota in a positive and joyful manner.”

Come support Ellie's Light Foundation at a fundraising event on
Tuesday, July 18th! 

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